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  • MRC Ltd. (Headquarter / Design&Manufacture)
  • Add: South Area of Industrial District, Benniu Town, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
  • Tel: 0086-519-81881598
  • E-mail: sales@mrcmotion.com
  • MRC Europe Office (Sales& Logistics)
  • Add: Rohrlochstrasse 10, 72336 Balingen, Germany
  • Tel: +49 7433 278 38 13
  • E-mail: sales-europe@mrcmotion.com
About Us

Company Profile:

MRC Motion is a global company offering sales and project management services for worldwide customers by supporting our mother company Yucheng Futong-Yake Motor, which specialises in designing and manufacturing various DC and AC motors certificated by IATF 16949: 2016. Based in Changzhou, China - 5km from Changzhou Airport and 1 hour to Shanghai by train.

MRC offers local support of sales, technical and logistical services through our office in Albstadt, Germany.

We are a passionate and dedicated team, combining our interests and talents to achieve success. We develop what our customers need because we know what they are looking for. Our goal is to make complicated things simple.

Since 2004, we have been focussing on customer-specific solutions, quality and innovation with our range of DC traction motors, brushless motors, three-phase AC frequency conversion motors and permanent magnet synchronism motors.

As a result, there are wide applications in e-mobility such as tourist cars, golf cars, sweeper cars, forklift trucks and electrical vehicles and in other industries such as robots, pumps, air-conditioners and air compressors.

Research and development are the basis for future viability. This can either be product modifications or new innovations. Cooperation with institutes of higher education and universities ensures that our drive systems meet the demands of new technology.

In addition to continuous product development, the departments are responsible for ongoing improvement of manufacturing processes, production and testing systems.

Our core business is providing precision motion control solutions with great advantage on pricing, time, quality, reliability, traceability and flexibility.

Our mission is to fulfill highest requirements from our customers easily and quickly.

Work with us, win together!

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